We Assure You That You Will Come As A Customer.....But Stay As A Friend
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10.00 a.m to 7.00 p.m

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About Us  

Evergrowth Investments Was Started in 1992, at that time, I Could hardly Walk. I had Started the office with the intention of just getting myself occupied.i head slightly recovered form all the operations i had undergone .
Everyone Was wondering when so many investment offices and so many agents were there, who were able to go to people's residences, and this person who could hardly move. could he get deposits?
I believed that flowers could hidden but not the fragrance. Just Like fragrance, my name spread far and wide.
I feel happy when a number of people come to me with their worries about investments and go back satisfied.l feel that God is there in every one and as far as possible. I try keep every one happy and help them to solve their problems.
I get my rewards when people after getting their problems solved-tell me “GOD BLESS YOU”.
Today I Get Clients From as far as Palghar, Mira Road, Dahisar,Borivali, Mulund, Byculla, Fort, Andheri etc.
Once I told my client Uncle you are coming all the way from Borivali.” The client replied “So what! For my health I can go to Bombay Hospital, for my wealth, I can come to your office at Mahim. I get a Lot of Satisfaction."
My clients include people who have got V.R.S ./Retired from State Bank Dena Bank, Bank of Maharashtra,Central Bank of India, British Bank of Middle East (HSBC Bank), Boroughs Welcome, Voltas. ICICI, Mumbai Port Trust, Oberoi Hotels, Taj Hotels, Great Eastern Shipping, Godrej, Victoria High Sehool, Canossa High school etc.
THANKS-: My health has improved and people take pains to come to me from near and far away places, My parents, brothers, sisters-in-law, my wife and other family members are taking good care or me. My staff are giving me lots of support and YOU, YOU ALL have boosted my morale and are a great source of encouragement.

I join my hands, convey my many thanks and am grateful to all the people, as what medicines could not do, YOU. my friends have done with your blessings and good wishes.
“I, simply, cannot even dream of better Customer Service elsewhere with so much Love, Concern Dedication in all matters of Investments. I am really blessed to have this blooming relationship with Evergrowth Investments.”
Harinanda R Shenoy
“As soon as I retired from R B I a whole lot of Agents swooped down on me and offered to invest my Retirement Funds but I had decided to entrust my funds to Mr. Rajender Pal Singh who had been re-commended by friends and acquaintances, all of whom spoke very highly of him. Mr. Singh, considered all aspects of my retirement life and prepared a PortFolio to suit my needs. I must gleefully admit that in a year's time my investments have registered Respectable gain.

The name of his organization says it all. Mr. Singh is a Godly person of Integrity, Sincerity and Dedication. Thus, together with his excellent Customer Service and desire to serve others through his activities has brought him to where he is today. I wish him all the best.”
Susan Lal
“A man is known by the 'company' he keeps. I decided to entrust Mr. Rajender Pal Singh with the entire Corpus of my retirement funds only because his company is called 'EverGrowth' joke aside my Investments have registered Respectable gain already. It is Mr. Singh's God fearing personality, Integrity, dedication, excellent customer service and million dollar service that has taken him to where he is today wish him all the best .

A Genuine guide always smiling no matter what his health problems could see the suffering he is going through always ready to guide and help. We could only help him by our prayers that the Almighty will improve his health and look after him .”
Clare D 'Souza
“From being an Investment Consultant to becoming a Friend, Advisor, Financial guide Rajinder Singhji makes his way through. He inspires that the way to an organization's growth is to intend well being of one's customers. His continous timeless efforts to help his customers grow and achieve their Financial Goals lead to high Customer Satisfaction .

We wish him the best in his future endeavors and years of his caring and meticulous concern for his Customers wealth .”
Susheel Lalla
“I was working for the Bank at Fort and staying at vakola. My friends told me about Evergrowth at Mahim. I thought what is the differcnce between him and other agents here. But now after meeting him feel I had made a mistake by not coming to him earlier”
Carol Albuquerque,
Retired Standar Chartered Bank,
Staying at Vakola,
"I had been to umpteen number of agents to invest my V.R.S. . Money but on visiting Rajinder Pal Singh Anand, I found that he has really worked with his heart.”
Mr. Prakash Kamath,
British Bank (now Hong Kong Bank),
Staying at Mulund,
“Humility, sincerity and kindness are the gifts bestowed by God on Mr. Rajinder Pal Singh Anand. and in turn, he has blessed us, his customers, and inspired us by his dedication.”
Prof.Melky Alvares,
St. Xavier's College,